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The NasaTouch was a portable atomizer formerly sold by Sinus Dynamics. When Sinus Dynamics went out of business, several of its top employees left to form Woodland Hills Pharmacy. Since the NasaTouch was no longer being manufactured, a new atomizer was needed to deliver the wide range of compounded medications prescribed for intranasal delivery. The RhinoClear was the device chosen by the experienced professionals at Woodland Hills Pharmacy. The RhinoClear…
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atomizer with solution

Sinus Nebulization and Atomization

What is a nasal “nebulizer”? Nebulization is a term that is usually applied to administering medications to the lungs in a fine mist. It refers to converting any solution into a spray, or to any treatment that uses a spray. This drug delivery technique has been found in various forms for centuries and is still widely used today. However the same delivery technique is sometimes called “atomization.” The terminology can…
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