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woman using a neti pot to clear her sinuses

Neti Pot Alternative

A neti pot is a simple way of cleansing the sinus passages. A neti pot looks like a tea pot with a longer spout designed to pour into your nose. You either tilt your head upwards or lie backwards, and then pour the water into the nostrils. Usually the water is mixed with a saline solution and sometimes some baking soda. At a minimum, distilled water should be used. Neti…
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The NasaTouch was a portable atomizer formerly sold by Sinus Dynamics. When Sinus Dynamics went out of business, several of its top employees left to form Woodland Hills Pharmacy. Since the NasaTouch was no longer being manufactured, a new atomizer was needed to deliver the wide range of compounded medications prescribed for intranasal delivery. The RhinoClear was the device chosen by the experienced professionals at Woodland Hills Pharmacy. The RhinoClear…
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