woman suffering from rhinosinusitis symptoms


Rhinosinusitis refers to a variety of symptoms caused by inflammation of the nasal passages and sinuses. The condition can be classified as acute, recurrent acute, subacute, or chronic (1).  For any type of rhinosinustisis that is not chronic, the treatment usually lasts between one to two weeks and involves nasal rinsing, antibiotics, and decongestants. Treatment can be either topical, as with a nasal spray or atomizer, or systemic, as with…
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rhino clear sprint atomizer

Rhino Clear Sprint

The Rhino Clear Sprint is the latest drug delivery device offered by Woodland Hills Medical Supply. With its small, lightweight and portable design, being powered by 2 AA batteries (disposable or rechargeable), it affords patients the quickest treatment time. The Rhino Clear Sprint holds a full 15 mL of solution and atomizes 2 mL (1 treatment) in just 30 seconds. To prevent the risk of contaminating the solution, it also…
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