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neti pot nasal rinse

Nasal Rinsing – Devices, Methods, and History

People have been rinsing their nasal passages for their health and well being for a long time. From neti pots described in ancient texts up until high-tech nebulizer devices today – many people have benefited from using a device to clear their nose and sinuses. Jala Neti and Neti Pots The practice of nasal rinsing is likely thousands of years old and appears in texts of hatha yoga that describe…
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woman with sinus condition

Hydro Pulse versus Nasal Nebulization

Numerous devices exist for treating the nasal cavities and sinuses with a saline rinse. While all of these devices technically have the same function – providing a spray or irrigation of saline solution in a way that it is forced into the nasal passages – they are not all the same. There are significant differences between devices that are used for nasal nebulization. If you are interested in learning more…
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woman with sinusitis

What is a Nasal Nebulizer?

A nebulizer is a device that turns a solution into a fine mist for administration to the respiratory system. When we are talking about a traditional nebulizer, there is often a face mask attachment so that the medication can be delivered to the lungs. A nasal nebulizer is specifically designed to target the nasal passages and sinuses and not reach the lungs. There are many conditions that affect the nasal…
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